Schiedam, January 11th 2018 – Rotterdam is in 2018 once again scene for the second edition of the European Conference on Sustainable Ammonia. Conference takes place at May 17 & 18 2018 in Zoo Blijdorp in Rotterdam. This conference – organized by NH3 Event Europe Foundation – brings together researchers, industrialists, scientists as well as student and corporate delegates to share latest developments on the topic ammonia as renewable energy carrier. During the conference the role of ammonia in the energy transition is the central theme. Hans Vrijenhoef – chairman of NH3 Event Europe Foundation – sees a major role for ammonia in the transition to sustainable energy. ’The rapidly increasing demand and interest in ammonia energy offers us the opportunity to organize this second edition of this European conference in 2018. Of course the attention from the new government in the Netherlands for the possibilities of ammonia as a sustainable energy solution also makes a big contribution.” <b>Enlarge Ammonia Energy Community in Europe </b> The announcement of the second edition of this conference shows that Vrijenhoef and his team are committed to increasing the ammonia energy community in Europe. Vrijenhoef describes his plans to increase the scope of the conference at various levels: ”We are trying to attract more national and international speakers this year, which will lead to a program with break-out sessions. In addition, we expect around 175-200 participants this year. This forces us to go to another location in Rotterdam. This time we chose Zoo Blijdorp in Rotterdam, a location with a strong eye for sustainability.” More information about the conference, registration and partner opportunities: **************************** <b>About this NH3 event</b> European Conference on Sustainable Ammonia is an initiative of the NH3 Event Europe Foundation to announce to Europe the possibilities of ammonia as a sustainable (energy) solution. The event is organized in collaboration with Proton Ventures, Yara and Casale.

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