We are the communications platform for liquids and gases handling

As specialists in the industry, we have extensive knowlegde of the needs, trends and demands in the marketplace. Our experts and photographers translate this into up-to-date professional information. Fluids Processing targets the handling of fluids and gases in the process industry in the Netherlands and Flanders, from suppliers to end users. Our readers work in companies that vary in size from small sized to multinational companies. Practically all our readers have either partial or final decision-making authority in purchasing or policy. They are generally 25 to 65 years old and college educated. Readers and visitors of Fluids Processing are Engineers and managers in the processing and manufacturing industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, plastics, metals, chemical and petrochemical, waste water treatment and recycling

Specialist information about: Pumps and compressors Piping, hoses, seals and fittings Valves, tanks and accessories Mixing, separation, drying, filtration Instrumentation, process control equipment, automation Drive technology for pumps and valves Cooling and heating Plant construction Safety and ATEX guidelines Cleaning and environmental technologies Storage and transportation of fluids and gases